Most sought after diecast cars

Hot Wheels celebrated its 50th anniversary in with one of its best years ever. So he knows his stuff. According to Bruce, low-volume models in original condition are the cream of the crop, even when their age is showing. The true diamonds are models with unreleased colors or wheel combinations.

Pascal told us Hot Wheels can use as many as 30 different sets of wheels a year. Pascal said that just like with real cars, adding aftermarket parts or custom paint can actually devalue the original. The cheaper Hot Wheels, known as beaters, are worth a couple dollars, at most. With Pascal as a guide, here are the hottest Hot Wheels. First issued inRodger Dodgers with a black interior are relatively common; those with the white-colored interior are rare, as pictured here, and are the ones that collectors desire.

There is no shortage of Hot Wheels based on the Chevrolet Camaro, which was issued in numerous forms since its introduction as one of the original Sweet Sixteen cars. This brown-over-white version is one of the rarest, and some collectors claim it was only ever used for store display purposes.

Reportedly the first Hot Wheels car to make the transition from the drawing board to production, the Enamel White Camaro was intended as a prototype for designers to use as a muse. Some of them were mistakenly packaged and sent to stores, however, making each one another rare find.

Rarity does not always beget value, but in the case of the blue-colored Rodger Dodger model, it does: It was produced in ultralow volumes and is very desirable. Designed by Larry Wood, the Superfine Turbine was one of three new castings released in It was reissued in The Red Baron is one of the most popular Hot Wheels of all time, and it has been in production on again and off again for decades.

Sensing a theme yet? It is the early production model with the white interior that sets this ultra-collectible Red Baron apart from those with black interiors.

The Olds was issued in the the usual array of Hot Wheels colors, but those with the combo of a red exterior and black interior are anomalies, believed by many collectors to be pre-production pieces. Some authorities claim that fewer than 15 examples exist today. This is the version that brings the bucks. That makes examples that came with a white interior the rarest of the bunch. Hot Wheels used numerous shades of blue, purple, and magenta for its models, and it is easy for the novice collector to confuse them all.

The car that would become the Hot Wheels Python was initially called the Cheetah inside the company. Before the decision was made to change the name to Python, a small number of Cheetah prototypes were assembled, and, predictably, a few escaped the confines of the Hot Wheels empire. Reportedly only made in red, these Cheetahs have been hunted by Hot Wheels collectors ever since.

Many guesstimate that fewer than a few dozen exist, a number that includes some prototypes.Add this die cast model to your collection of rare and collectible model cars. These special model cars represent limited edition and much sought-after releases. Recreated in die cast detail, these rare model cars satisfy the most discriminating model collector.

Displaying 26 to 50 of 98 products. Com Model Masters. Powered by Zen Cart. Power Search Or. Browse by Category. Virtual Tour. He drives the No. He is the older Virtual Tour AC Cobras had an extensive racing career.

The Cobra was perhaps too successful Sold at Barrett-Jackson for 5. The Cobra was perhaps too successful in the performance department and reputedly contributed to the In Corvette chief engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov initiated a program to The Corvette saw another body freshening and more options available.

This year had the This year had the most It had a "boat tail" rear with the first year to have Custom tuned Designed as a concept care based off the sleek lines of the Mako Shark, This year had the most exterior chrome and was the heaviest of the C-1s.

Beautifully crafted Built from the highest quality materials, this case features a Developed by Ford's SVT group, it produces Among the most Serving as the successor onto the Challenge Stradale, it is aimed toGrowing up in the 80s, I was in Hot Wheels heaven. Next to baseball cards and comic books, I easily had hundreds of them. But like most kids, I never understood the value of my collection. Those who were smart, however, kept their collection pieces separate from the 99 cent cars that are still worth only a few bucks today.

Hot Wheels first began in through the toy company Mattel. The die-cast vehicles were originally made to represent real-life versions, scaled to fit in the palm of your hand and sometimes slightly larger. Out of billions of mass-produced Hot Wheels vehicles, there are a select few which are worth more than imaginable. And since I already bashed all the flops made by Hot Wheelsit's only fair to redeem them by featuring those which are worth money, if not a small fortune, today.

Depending on the year, designer, prototypes that snuck out of the factory, or simply based on iconic cars — the most valuable Hot Wheels cars are not necessarily what you would expect. Some are based off movies and television shows while others were among the first ever created and sold.

Officially known among Hot Wheels heads as the Hot Wheels Collector Number with a blue card, there are only 12 of these in exitance. Released inthe Collector Number is likely the rarest model Hot Wheels car from the 90s.

most sought after diecast cars

As ofonly around 7 have been officially authenticated. Leaving five Hot Wheels Collector Number cars out there that might be collecting dust in your storage area. If you left it in the packaging. Hot Wheels then made around Beach Bombs designed by Ira Gilford which featured the surfboards on the side instead.

In the 70s, Hot Wheels track sets and superchargers were hot-sellers. The Pink Beach Bomb failed to make it through the sets, which led to other models. The surfboards were moved to the side, and a large square chunk of solid metal was molded into the middle of the base — to keep the van weighed-down. It is the most expensive toy car that has ever been made. The underside of the Hot Wheels car is painted with spectraflame blue paint and the brake lights are made from cut red rubies.

Of the 2, diamonds, there are 40 white ones. Each diamond represents a year in the legacy of Hot Wheels. The car itself was made to commemorate the production of the 4 billionths Hot Wheels vehicle made.

most sought after diecast cars

Prominent features include an exposed motor and exhaust pipes, control stick steering, and a rear compartment to transport dogs in. Yep, you read that right, the rear compartment has a door which opens to reveal two white dogs. There are two rare versions of the Mutt Mobile.

These models are similar to the standard release except most come with weird looking Blackwall wheels, and the paint looks different. There is also a gold version featured in the image with Chrome engines and pipes. The earliest versions had a metal base and capped redlines on the rear only. They were painted in Plum crazy enamel with flame tampos.

The Rodger Dodger reused the same base from a previous version, named Show-Off. On rare models, you can find the Show-Off name partially bleeding through the deletion plate.

most sought after diecast cars

There is another rare version from which has a white interior. The rarest version of them all, however, would be the blue painted Rodger Dodger. Produced sometime in the mids, there are only 7 blue Rodger Dodgers in existence. The easily recognizable and iconic Mystery Machine owned by Fred was the main source of transportation for the Mystery Inc.

Released in by Hot Wheels and designed by Manson Cheung, the model will get the most bang for your buck.Diecast Registry www. The data shown below comes from the Diecast Registry price guide - with their permission of course!

Dale Earnhardt Sr. This diecast was never approved for production, and therefore only prototypes exist; 6 prototypes are believed to have been made. Getting your hands on one is very difficult. The remainder of the diecast appearing in this list are regular production diecast. The paint scheme is actually a preview of what the Lowe's paint scheme was going to look like, and carries a special decal honoring Johnson's th start on the decklid.

This diecast was sold trackside at Charlotte Motor Speedway starting on Thursday October 9th, and quickly sold out When this diecast was released init was the lowest production quantity diecast ever made.

You can learn much more about this diecast in the Diecast Registry price guide. Excluding the above Dale Earnhardt diecast, the next most valuable on his impressive list is this rare example. In fact, all of the Honoring Our Soldiers models produced by Action Lionel are in very high demand. Dale Earnhardt Jr. What's the most valuable Dale Earnhardt Jr diecast? Here is a sneak-peak at the diecast value trend chart from the Diecast Registry price guide:. This diecast was produced to commemorate Richard Petty's Hall of Fame induction.

Diecast Direct top 10 most highly sought after basic models of 2017

Only 25 units were produced. Check it out when you have a chance. Only 25 units were produced in a beautiful white gold finish. The most valuable Hot Wheels racing diecast produced in the modern era i.There are a wide variety of hobbies that people take up to fill their spare time.

Hobbies can range from activities such as knitting or drawing to rebuilding computers and cars. One broad hobby that encompasses many walks of life is collecting.

It is such a broad hobby because collections can be comprised of almost anything that pleases the collector. A popular collector item is cars, however, this is also a broad topic. Collectors may accumulate luxury cars, old cars to be restored, or even miniature car replicas. The latter being the most wallet friendly and easy to store makes it a very common collectible item. If one's interest lies with miniature cars, diecast cars will certainly be visible on their radar.

Some collectors argue that spending a portion of their life savings to maintain their collection robs them of their enjoyment.

One option these collectors have is to seek bargains on Ebay. While some sellers may hike their prices in order to turn a large profit on the mega internet trading website, others are in it for the love of collecting. Therefore, one stands a decent chance at finding NASCAR diecast at affordable prices so that their desire of owning a collection may be satiated. So how does an inexperienced collector differentiate good deals from rip-offs?

Firstly, one must consider the specifications and features of the car before determining its value. The main specification in determining the price of diecast cars is the size, and, as most things go, bigger size means bigger price tag. A good way to get started is to buy in bulk lots.

In this way one gets a good amount of cars for a reasonable price and they can then be displayed in a case or on shelving without looking bare. If you are on the opposite end of the collector spectrum and are considering selling some or all of your cars, selling in bulk lots is also a great option. There are options for more savvy collectors who desire a more advanced collection.

The Most Valuable Hot Wheels Cars Ever!

All of these series boast quality detail, but the Craftsman series is harder to find because the demand is lower than those of the other series.

If space is an issue, consider where you will store these models before purchasing them. Most Popular. What is Translation? What is a Shared Vision? Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Education. Matte or Glossy Photos? Top Searches on. Singapore Jobs.Whilst buying the full-size vehicle is often financially out of reach, owning a detailed replica represents the best way to acquire a piece of automotive history.

Popular with people of all ages, the pastime first originated during the early s when diecast toy manufacturers started to make miniature versions of the Model T and MG sports cars. Advances in the manufacturing process meant that the s was the dawn of a new era for these replicas, which now closely resembled the original vehicle. Nowadays, collectors become hooked because of their appreciation for the artistry and intricate detailing on each vehicle.

The resurgence of interest in this unique hobby means that we conduct diecast model car valuations on a regular basis.

We field calls from novice collectors who want to know what price they should pay for items as well as dealing with experienced collectors who need to know how much their collection is worth.

Regardless of your experience, the aim of this diecast model cars value guide is to provide you with a detailed insight into the prices and demand for previously sold models.

If you still need professional help or reassurance after reading this guide, please get in touch - one of our experts will be happy to offer their assistance. Your collection could be centred around specific themes, manufacturers, years, movies or models. For example, someone who likes a certain type of car, such as a Jaguar X Type, may try to collect all the different models that have been produced. They may try to acquire the exact same car, but in various different sizes or scales.

The scale represents the ratio or proportion of the model in comparison to the original real-life car. The bigger the second number, the smaller the diecast car. These cars will have finer details such as operational lights, engine electrical wiring, rubber hoses and suspension as well as a realistic interior.

Scale: The proportionate size of the model in comparison to the real-life original version. Year: The year the car was driven and usually the year the diecast car was produced. Bank: A car with a coin slot, usually at the base of the rear window, and a locking door on the bottom to get the coins out.

They may have different exterior or interior features, special wheels, tyres or other modifications such as different paint. They usually come with a vehicle number outlining the total number of vehicles produced, with the first and last models usually worth more in value.

Models which come with their original papers can be worth more because it is easier to verify its authenticity. Unless you have years of experience, the answer is not a simple one because accurately evaluating the value of a diecast model car is difficult and can be time consuming.

Certain diecast car models have a significantly higher value than others simply because of their availability and condition.Looking for a specific diecast replica car to complete your collection? You have come to right place!

Fairfield Collectibles offers diecast collectibles enthusiasts a fantastic selection of replica cars. We scoured the decades to bring you the most sought after—as well as hard to find—diecast replica cars. Our die cast auto collectibles range from fifties classics to those beloved performance and muscle cars. Swing through Fairfield Collectibles for the best in Diecast Replicas. Expand your collection and shop for high quality diecast models online today.

Home Diecast Replicas Diecast Cars. Diecast Replica Cars Looking for a specific diecast replica car to complete your collection? Sub Categories Fifties Classics. Modern Classics. Prewar Classics. Sixties Classics. Quick view. Park this limited edition Postal Service diecast in your collection today! Pre-Order Now.

One look at this stunning prewar Chevrolet and you'll be transported back to nostalgic prewar America! From the gleaming chrome grille to the burl-wood dashboard and wide whitewalls, you're guaranteed to fall for this beloved Chevy diecast. Add to Cart. Buick hit a homerun when they unveiled their eye-popping Riviera. Smaller, lighter and more agile than anything Buick ever built before.

Relive the excitement of E-Day when 2.

most sought after diecast cars

This diecast miniature includes the original "horsecollar" grille and inset rear coves. Buick's Skylark was so stunning movie stars lined up to be seen in them! This Harley Earl masterpiece is now available to collectors in this precision diecast with all the head-turning elegance of the original from the chrome million dollar grille Join Sam and Dean on the hunt for the supernatural with their sinister Impala 4-door hardtop! Features authentic Supernatural "devils trap" markings


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