Adepta sororitas codex 8th edition pdf vk

And with the sausage-fest that is the Imperium, an entire army composed of badass power-armoured women with nothing but a flamer and their faith is like a breath of fresh air.

What's that? Fuck your shit. Go play Grey Knights. You're going to win for the same reason you always have. You're the hardest, beardiestmotherfucker around and you've been pushing these kids' shit in since they had Pokemon lunch boxes.

Welcome to the new hard mode. The Adeptus Ministorum AKA Sisters of Battle consists of the armies of the Ecclesiarchybringing many colorful characters such as warrior nuns armed with flame throwerspriests wielding chainsaws bigger than themselvesgun-slinging angelsdisturbing yet sexy assassinspipe organ tanksand berserk killing machines whose pilots are driven mad by the need to redeem themselves.

Do you like the idea of playing a mostly-female army of paladins? Do you like the idea of burning literally everything to the ground? Do you like playing an army that gets renamed every edition? If so, this army's for you. Sisters have a bit of a murky history, their previous codices ranging from mediocre to nearly unplayable. Fortunately, this isn't the case any more. They were reasonably strong in the index, and the new Codex's revised Acts of Faith allow them to get the exact roll results that they need.

Acts of Faith are the central unique mechanic for Sisters, and you should note they're exclusive to Sisters of Battle units and not found on the other units in the book. The mechanic is centered around Fate miracle dice.

adepta sororitas codex 8th edition pdf vk

You gain one per battle round, and earn one more at the end of a phase if at least one of the following conditions is met:. When you gain a miracle die, you roll it and add it to your miracle dice pool. When you perform an Act of Faith, you take one or more dice from the pool and substitute them for dice that would otherwise be rolled. You do this before rolling the dice. This counts as the result for those dice - roll the rest as normal.

Turn a failed invulnerable save into a success, guarantee that a unit's attack will wound something it would normally struggle to hurt - this is not something to be underestimated, especially when you account for the CP you'd otherwise spend on Command Re-rolls that would be less reliable. Remember, you can use multiple dice in the same Act of Faith, but not in the same roll - e. You cannot spend multiple dice across multiple attacks, in general. Under ordinary circumstances, you can only perform one Act of Faith per phase, no matter how big your army, but most of your infantry units can buy a piece of wargear that will let them perform an additional Act.

Important note to get more miracle dice: you can and technically have to roll Morale tests for every squad that has lost models, even squads with high enough Leadership to guarantee a pass.

So roll them; every chance to get more Miracle Dice helps and if you have Light of the Emperor, you can re-roll these to fish for 1s. Also worth noting is with the 1-per-phase limit, the order you do things in matters. So make sure you activate your important units first as if you waste a miracle on a sister squad first you can't use another for your Cannoness in that same phase.

Also your opponet may try to bait out your dice on his turn. You can't use one for any other roll - for example, you can't use them to change the number of shots rolled for a flamer or Exorcist. Q: When making attacks with a unit, how many Miracle dice can be used when making several rolls simultaneously using fast dice rolling?

A: One. Similarly to the AdMech's Canticles of the Omnissiah, an army consisting solely of Adeptus Ministorum units can grant any unit with this special rule basically, all the sisters units and none of the non-sister units a buff of their choice or if you roll for it, you can take two.

Unlike the cogboys, these are picked at the beginning of the game and cannot be changed in mid-battle other than with a stratagem. Alternative opinion this gives so much flexibility.Post a Comment. Dominion or Retributor? From what I can gather, the four figures pictured above could form either a Dominion or Retributor Squad. I'll just need to clarify what they are at the start of any game. Here's my full squad of Repentias:.

Saint Celestine. Since this is an older set of metal miniatures, some figures, especially the Repentias, required some touch-up paint work. I also added the sand flocking to the black bases, minus the flying figures of Saint Celestine and her Geminae Superia. I'm sure the new plastic models will be more detailed.

But for the most part, I like the weight and feel of metal miniatures. I've had to add washers underneath the bases of my WH40K plastic figures because they're too light and tip over easy. My metal ones can too, especially if their pose is too extreme, like with my Repentias. And it's not just the infantry-type figures that have a balance problem. Regardless of how involved you are in WH40K, I hope you enjoy the information presented here. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Space Marine Guideline 1: Thou shalt not refer to the Adepta Sororitas as " Bolter Bitches ," nor shalt thou go anywhere near our sisters during the time of their "Red Rage," lest thou wish to be the first human to enter orbit without the aid of a shuttle.

Sisters of Battle are essentially Warhammer 40k 's female equivalent of Space Marineswarriors devoted to the Emperor.

Codex - Adeptus Ministorum /tg/ Edition

Although they lack the genetic modification of their beefier brethren, they also wear power armour and are armed mainly with the ubiquitous Bolter and Chainsword. The Sisters of Battle are also known as the "Daughters of the Emperor", and officially as the "Adepta Sororitas"though the Adepta Sororitas refers to their entire organization, while the term Sisters of Battle refers only to their militant branch.

They are not to be confused with Female Space Marines. The Sisters of Battle are part of the Ecclesiarchythe religious arm of Imperial government, and sometimes work with the Inquisition 's Witch Hunters. In the 36th millennium, the Ecclesiarchy's pope, a guy called Goge Vandireattained the dual position of Ecclesiarch and Master of the Administratum, effectively giving him control over everyone in the Imperium, including nearly all of its armed forces.

With the exception of the Space Marines and Adeptus Mechanicus, pretty much everyone had to do what he said or face a slow and agonizing death. Unfortunately for everyone who wasn't lucky enough to be a Space Marine or Tech-Priest, he was also completely insane, and his rule was so devastating that it came to be known as the Reign of Blood, leading to untold billions of deaths across the Imperium, which in turn led to violent warp storms the likes of which wouldn't be seen again until the formation of the Great Rift 5, years later.

During this period, Vandire discovered a force of warrior-nuns living on the feudal world of San Leor known as the Daughters of the Emperor. Although they initially didn't want anything to do with him, he convinced them that he was the Emperor's chosen by having his bodyguard shoot him while he was protected by the force field of a rosarius. Because the relatively primitive Daughters of the Emperor had never seen a force field before, they assumed that this meant Vandire was protected by the Emperor, and happily joined him.

Rechristened as the Brides of the Emperor, they served as Vandire's personal bodyguards, shock troops, servants, and concubines. With a force of hyper-loyal Battle Sisters at his command, Vandire became effectively untouchable, proven when he had the Sisters execute all of the High Lords of Terrawhich he quickly replaced with his cronies.

Suffice to say, things looked pretty bleak. Of course, this state of affairs couldn't last forever. Late in his reign, a preacher known as Sebastian Thor rose to prominence in the Imperium, leading a massive crusade to Terra to take down Vandire once and for all. Agreeing that they too were sick of the High Lord, the Space Marines and Adeptus Mechanicus joined forces and launched an assault on Terra, matching themselves against Frateris Templars, Sisters of Battle, and those Imperial Guard and Navy forces that hadn't joined the insurrection.

Unfortunately for them, the Sisters numbered around 10, women by this point, and they were battle-hardened, motivated, and armed to the teeth. The siege dragged on interminably, with no end in sight.

Getting desperate, the Space Marines contacted the Adeptus Custodes, who had remained neutral for most of the siege, but agreed to help the insurrectionists out. Using secret passages to avoid the fighting, the Captain-General of the Custodes presented himself to Alicia Dominica, the leader of the Brides of the Emperor.

After debating with her for some time, the Captain-General realized that she wasn't going to budge, and resorted to an extreme course of action; he took her and her five closest compatriots to the Imperial Palace and into the throneroom of the Emperor himself.

No one knows what happened in there, but when the six women re-emerged, they went straight to Vandire, declared him a heretic of the highest degree, and beheaded him. In the aftermath of this conflict, the Imperium underwent a substantial political restructuring known as the Reformation, designed to prevent another Reign of Blood from ever occurring. As part of this restructuring, the High Lords decreed that the Ecclesiarchy was no longer allowed to maintain "men under arms.

While many point to this as an example of the idiocy of the High Lords of Terra, this easily-circumventable wording was likely intentional, as unlike the other Ministorum forces, the Sisters of Battle had proven that their loyalty was to the Emperor first and the Ecclesiarchy second, meaning that they could be relied upon to police the Ministorum as well as protect it.

adepta sororitas codex 8th edition pdf vk

In combat, Sisters of Battle have something of an obsession with the purifying effects of flame, and generally choose equipment that allows them to cover heretics with as much holy promethium and thermal lances as possible.So we decided once again, to go with some house rules. The backbone of every killteam are naturally the Battle Sisters, but the Adeptus Ministorum is on their side, supporting with some fierce close-combat forces.

The Sisters have access to the classical armoury of the Imperium and there will be few surprises. But what more to desire than the trinity of Bolter, Melta and Flamer? No kill team without a price. The weapons though, have totally different values and only time will tell, if the prices above are fitting to the other kill teams. While once again, we heavily relied on the Adeptus Astartes costs. As every other kill team in the game, the Sisters of Battle have their own set of tactics.

We took a good selection of the already integrated tacitcs of other teams and are confident, that this will be balanced well enough. Eventhough new tactics could be more fun … perhaps in the future. The Canoness is the classic HQ choice for every Sisters of Battle army and therefor may not be missed in the killteams of the 41th millenia.

Its a cheap choice and a flexible commander to use. The Legatine is a new HQ option, we already included in our regular 40k games. The most skilled of warriors and the greatest spiritual leaders the Sororitas possess, they inspire great devotion in those that follow them and are political powers in their own right in the Imperium.

And this finishes the rules of the Sisters of Battle for Warhammer 40k Killteam. Let me know if you like these rules. And if you tried them out on your own, let me know about the results! Great article. Ony thing that bothers me is that you gave stats and cost for plasma gun, but noone can have it. Otherwise brilliant. Like Like. Thanks for the hint! Would you mind sharing the templates for these rules? Hi Octavian! I used Photoshop to create the sheets, copying and modifying some scanned documents.

If you have access to a PS or a similar tool, I can try to make a cleaned-up version for you. Dude this is great, thank you for putting in the work so we can play.

Very keen to try this out. Thanks a lot! Glad if you enjoy it. Actually not, they usually wear a Master-Crafted Carapace Armour. Seems that Power Armours are really reserved for Sisters and Inquisitor s and such. Hi Oxide7, reasonable question.This page is for the outdated 7th edition ruleset. Build-your-own Living Saint.

Adepta Sororitas

Repentias on bikes. As stated at the beginning of this article, this document was specifically made to enhance and update Sisters without removing any of the things that made them unique. While several changes were made, the main differences between this fandex and the official 6th edition codex can be boiled down to the following. Firstly, this is a dedicated anti-psyker army. Some units or formations give even stronger bonuses to this. Secondly, The army's tactical flexibility has been substantially increased.

In addition to being able to take vehicles in squads and the addition of new units, several rules and wargear options were changed to improve internal balance. It's much easier to build a diverse army where each unit compliments each other, rather than being forced to focus on a few units.

The addition of more formations also means that players have significantly more options in creating their army than before. Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, one of the main focuses in the creation of this codex was on balance. While this is meant to be a serious option for Sisters players who want the update GW won't give them, it's also meant to be a fun army to play against. It has been subjected to extensive playtesting in a variety of scenarios, as well as receiving input from several players of different backgrounds.

This is especially important, as being a fandex, your opponents have to actually agree to allow you to use it. Jump to: navigationsearch.

French Knight-Sisters. Monstrous Penitent Engines. Assault vehicle Repressors. Namespaces Page Discussion.Of course you can also choose one of there tactics for your own Order Minoris.

You can either roll on the table below to randomly generate aWarlord Trait, or you can select the one that best suits his preferred style of waging war. The most devoted Sisters of Battle are protected by the Emperors hand.

Your opponent must subtract 1 from hit rolls that target your Warlord. Add 1 to the Wounds characteristic of your Warlord. In addition, roll a dice each time yourWarlord loses a wound. Even through the tides of battle, their voices ring out loud and clear. Guided by her believe, even the most fiercest battle will not daunt this warlord. Your Warlord never suffers any penalties to their hit rolls although they still only hit on rolls of 6 when firing Overwatch.

Life is only a small price in the service of the Emperor. Model with a power sword only. This great tome contains the complete writings of St. Model with a bolt pistol only. The Chant of the Saints are written in holy and well-kept books and are very complex, religious litanies, only known by the oldest and most faithful Sisters of the Ecclesiarchy.

It is said that the words reach the deceased sisters that rest at the emperors side, calling them to battle a last time, changing the tides of war. Carried across the battlefields by voice-amplifiers and strengthened by the faithful minds of the Sororitas, a chanting Battle Sister is truely a breathtaking sight.

Canoness St. The wearer of the Cloak of St. The Light of the Blessed is a richly ornated lantern, manufactured on Terra and blessed by Sebastian Thor himself. It is a beacon of faith on the darkest battlegrounds and those who truly believe and are touched by the holy light, are fulfilled with the wish to serve the emperor no matter what lies ahead. It is a rageous fire, lit in the hearts of the faithful, pushing them to the limits, knowing that they are blessed and protected, be it in life or death.

Model with a power maul only. The bearer of the Shroud of the Anti-martyr gets the Sacred Intervention ability:.

Once per game, if the bearer loses her last wound, roll a D6. The bearer of the Skull of Petronella may throw 2 dices, when trying to deny a psychic power with her Shield of Faith ability and re-roll a failed denial test once per battle. Thanks for making this! You misspelled Passion somewhere in there unstoppable Pashion Otherwise this is very helpful and thankyou! Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.But for Sisters faithful, has the book been worth the wait? Scroll down for the definitive review of the new Codex: Sisters of Battle.

This ability is common to almost all Adepta Sororitas units in the army. In addition, one model in the unit can attempt to Deny the Witch once per turn, but the roll is taken on 1D6. However, there are several ways to improve both aspects.

The presence of these abilities and the fact that for the latter you can choose it on a per-game basis turns this into a genuinely useful trait. Acts of Faith get a complete overhaul from the Beta codex, and are now way more exciting. Acts of Faith run off Miracle dice. As long as your army contains at least one unit with the ability, you gain them in the following ways:. When you gain a Miracle dice, roll a D6. The result is the value of that Miracle dice.

Keep it to one side in your Miracle dice pool. A very important thing to bear in mind as an implication of this is that whenever you lose any models in a unit with AoF, roll the morale test! Before making a dice roll for a model or unit with AoF, you can choose to use one or more of the dice from the Miracle pool instead. For each individual dice that is being rolled as part of the dice roll, you can select one Miracle dice to be subbed for that dice roll.

Once all Miracle dice subs have been made, remove the chosen Miracle dice from your pool, and roll any remaining unsubbed dice that are a part of the dice roll. A Miracle dice is not a modifier or an inherently modified dice so, for example, if you use a Miracle dice with a value of 1 for a Morale test, that is considered to be an unmodified roll of 1.

When re-rolling a dice roll, no new Miracle dice may be used and the number and values of any Miracle dice that have already been subbed in the dice roll remain the same for the re-roll i. An important note here is that your Act of Faith applies to a single roll.

You can, however, make both dice in a charge be 6s, so if that comes up, knock yourselves and hopefully shortly afterwards your target out. There are plenty of abilities that will give you additional dice under certain conditions, and we think most armies will comfortably be racking up at least per battle round. Most Sororitas infantry can take a Simulacrum Imperialis, which allows them to use an Act of Faith even if another unit already has, and this will often be a good choice on your more elite units like Celestians and Dominions.

In addition, there are various extremely powerful stratagems that make use of Miracle dice. Obviously if the emergency happens you may have to use up your last dice, but try and find a way to get one back as soon as possible. This ability is common to various Ministorum and Sororitas melee units, and returns from the Beta Codex.

This ability is what makes most of the units with it good, and is overall a very powerful one. As of the Codex, this now applies to vehicles as well, a big boost for the Valorous Heart in particular.

These are:. The stratagem is particularly amusing against large targets like Knights since if you throw a bare bones Canoness or Imagifier into a woodchipper you gain 2 miracle dice and your entire army gets Canoness re-rolls against whatever unit did it regardless of range for the rest of the game.

Ignoring both Ap-1 and Ap-2 when paired with an Imagifier is extremely strong in the current landscape of Marines with massed AP-1 and -2 firepower making this a solid choice.

The -1 Toughness to enemies relic pairs well with a unit of Mortifiers with whips, since you reduce T4 enemies to being wounded on 2s. Blind Faith is naturally a great fit for a unit of melta Retributors using Storm of Retribution, make those elves cry. Ignore AP -1 has always been a bit marginal but stacking to ignore AP-2 is a completely different ball game, giving some armies that rely on volume AP-2 firepower absolute fits.

Pistols also receiving a bump to their AP can also turn seraphim into a decent chaff clearing unit, with them firing 4 AP-1 shots each on the turn they come down thanks to Deadly Descent, being roughly equivalent to a unit of Intercessors using the Rapid Fire stratagem for about half the price in both points and command points.

adepta sororitas codex 8th edition pdf vk

Wings Note: Yeah pretty much that. An outrider of Seraphim and maybe a squad of Dominions seems like a reasonable bet, as they can all make good use of buffed Acts of Faith. Gotta go fast. This one means Battle Sisters, Celestians, Dominions and Retributors are basically never not advancing all the time with no downside, which is particularly good for Dominions and Celestians getting into range to use The Holy Trinity or just reach rapid fire range with Blessed Bolts Storm Bolters.

adepta sororitas codex 8th edition pdf vk


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